To Go or Not To Go…

I’m currently torn on what to do today.

Before the last year ended, I made a promise to myself that 2018 would be the year I work on not being a complete recluse. That I would get out and go on some random adventures and with my husband working grave yard for the next couple weeks it’s the perfect opportunity for me to get out there. So, yesterday I sat down and made a list of places I wanted to go scout out and do some photography at. Of course, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day even with it being cold out.

Today it’s absolutely dismal outside. Cloudy, foggy, cold and, according to the weather app on my phone, a high chance of rain. Not that I mind the rain, but walking alone in it is no fun. Typically when I wake up in the morning it’s a little overcast but it’ll burn off quickly, that is unless it’s snowing. This morning when I woke up I was thinking it would burn off per usual and that by the time I had my coffee, did my workout and got ready for the day, it would be a nice day. But nooooo……

So here I am completely ready to take on the day, looking between my snow boots at the door and the pile of new books sitting in my reading nook. Do I go out into the world and still explore or do I curl up with a cup of tea and read a couple chapters?


I think the books will win this time but I will tackle this bucket list eventually.