For The Love Of Science

For the last couple of days we’ve had some amazing weather. Its been warm out, almost up to 60 degrees, and as I’ve said previously, I’m loving it. This last week we took the time to go to the Gwacheon National Science Museum. I’ve been feeling very nostalgic for home and back in the city I would always spend afternoons at the museums in Golden Gate Park. I know some people might find that really boring but thankfully my husband and I love learning about new things and it’s exciting to walk around and see the exhibits.

It’s very easy to get to the museum. We took the subway from Pyeongtaek train station to Seoul Grand Park and there was only one transfer from Line 1 to Line 4 at Geumjeong station which happens to be on the same platform. No having to run up a flight of stairs and across the station from one platform to another and then have wait a while for the next train (cause the one you wanted just left the moment you arrived). This time we actually lucked out because both trains happened to arrive at the same time and we literally got to step off one train, walk across the short platform, and step onto the next train. That never happens. (At least not for me.)

Once at the Seoul Grand Park stop we exited the empty station right into the park itself. The sun was warm, the breeze was light and the Museum was almost imposing. Seriously, you exit the station by staircase/escalator and at the top of the stairs there is a large path directly to this massive building. It’s the most impressive building I’ve seen as of yet since arriving in Korea. Inside the main building there is a basic science hall, natural history hall, children’s hall, Korean traditional science hall, advanced science & technology hall, science future and fiction hall, and a creation hall. There is also a special exhibition area, a restaurant, and souvenir shop. And that’s just the inside! Outside, throughout the park are different exhibits including an insectarium, an observatory, a planetarium, dinosaur park, wildflower garden and several playgrounds for kids to run around and play on. You could easily spend an entire day here and not see everything it has to offer and we were very excited to see what we could see.




We bought our tickets and decided to start off with lunch. After placing our jackets in the free lockers offered on the main floor we headed up stairs to the restaurant for food before taking in the exhibition halls. The restaurant is very nice and has a variety of foods offered. After we ate we headed to the traditional science hall and as we walked through we noted that unless the display was a larger item there were very few translations. This became more and more apparent as we moved from hall to hall and the more we saw, the more our enthusiasm for the place started to wane. It really was sad because there are so many interesting things to see but unlike art, with no explanation you honestly have no idea what is going on. And let’s be real, science isn’t exactly a place for interpretation. There was a lot of displays that I really would have loved to know what was going on such as the natural history hall and the Science Fiction and Future hall.


One of the displays in the science fiction and future hall that was discussing possible jobs of the future. I do believe I found my future job: Plant psychology! Although I would have loved to read what the rest of what it said.  I love my green babies and already talk to my plants all the time so this is my calling.

Either way, it was a great day and I’m glad that we took the chance to check it out. Also, as of writing this, I learned they offer English-speaking tour guides for 2,000 won per person. So, we are definitely going back!