Never too late for a second chance

Today marks the one year anniversary of living in Korea. I’ve been reflecting on the last year and thinking about what I’d like to do with the next one. I’ve finally found my confidence to set out and do solo adventures and met some pretty interesting people who have encouraged me to stop being a scared little hermit. Hermit is probably the wrong term. I’m having to face facts that I’m introverted. 

I started this blog with no real intentions at all other than to share stories of our adventures and I really fell off the wagon on that aspect. Winter was cold and boring with me spending most of my time reading on the couch. Then in spring my family came to visit and we did a country wide tour so I was busy busy busy. I’m still kicking myself for not putting more effort into even attempting to blog during that time cause it really would have been perfect.

Looking back at my failed attempts to blog I think the biggest thing holding me back is my fear of other people’s opinions. Silly, right? The whole point of writing a blog is so other people can read it and you can maybe get some feedback. See, what happened was I started reading a lot of other blogs (cause you know once you show interest in it the internet suddenly starts to advertise similar things you find interesting) and I got wrapped up in my self doubt because of it. Blog advice pieces like “How to Start A Successful Blog” and “How To Tell If You’re Actually A Good Blogger” or “What Not To Do As A Blogger.” While I read these I allowed my anxiety to get the best of me. Telling myself: “Nobody is going to care about my blog. I shouldn’t write about this. This piece is too long or too short. You’re not going to attract any readers if you do that….” etc. I stopped before I even got a chance to even get started.

So today, after doing some reflecting and really, really thinking about it all, I’m going to give this blog another try. Do I have a style? Not yet. Am I gonna follow a particular theme? Maybe, maybe not. I am just gonna dive in and see what happens. I can’t get better if I don’t let myself try first. So, here it goes…. 

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