Hello, Spring? Are you there?

I can’t believe it’s March already. I feel like February flew by and I really couldn’t be happier. There was a moment of panic for a bit where I had to freak out over the “lost” time but I’m actually really glad because spring is almost here!!!

If you haven’t realized this by now, I’m completely over winter. I’m done with being so cold all the time. Done with the poofy jacket. Done with freezing my face while attempting to walk to check the mail. Just done. And it’s finally starting to warm up!

Well, sorta. While the temperatures are starting to rise, that wind chill is real. Today I went to run errands and decided since it was mildly overcast with the promise of sun I’d walk. Stepping out my door the hallway was actually a little warm so I was really excited.  Walking through the lobby of our building and out the front door I was feeling that warm spring vibe. I had a skip in my step and was ready to get blast my headphones and enjoy a nice long walk. Three steps away from the front door and out of the front patio and that arctic wind slaps me in the face. I was seriously ready to second guess my life choices but went ahead and braved it out.

Despite the freezing wind I did manage to have a good day and got a lot done today. I’m hoping to keep up the productivity this month and get out of the winter slump. I’ve got a couple of adventures planned out this month and some fun projects I hope to complete. Lets see if I can keep this going and get stronger by the time spring gets here for real.

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