It’s settled, I’m committed

I can’t believe that I’ve finally committed to doing a blog.

I also can’t believe I actually paid money for it, so I HAVE to actually work on it now.

I’ve been wanting to do a blog or something for the longest time but I never could commit to it. I tried to do YouTube but I constantly get wrapped up in the moment and could never commit to busting out my camera to record vlogs. I tried to do sit down recordings but I’m just awkward in front of a camera. I might (emphasis on the might) do  videos in the future but it’s really debatable. Writing tho, that’s my jam.

My husband and I currently live in Korea and I’ve been keeping a scrap book journal the last five months since we moved here. I keep it in my bag when we go out and I’d tuck receipts, cards, stickers, stamps, pamphlets and the like it while we were out and about and then when I was sitting down with free time I’d write about our adventures and plot out the next one. The poor book is so packed now that I need a big rubber band to keep it shut.

Not sure this gives you any indication of the penchant I have towards writing or scrapbooking.

Anyway, the blog that I am starting right now was encouraged by my family. Not just my husband, but my parents. Specifically my mother. See, I always send her texts and emails of what’s happening over here and the other day I sent her a story of a dinner of unexpected events. She said she loved it and even shared it with some of her friends and they all really like my writing. Looking at the story of the dinner I sent her and past stories of all the trips and falls and stumbles that my husband and I went through getting out here (and really any given time), why not share our misadventures with everyone?

So here I am, writing my first official blog and it will be just that. A collection of stories of our misadventures.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes and I hope you enjoy it too.



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